Our success is the fruit of our research efforts

R&D for fruit and vegetable health. TECNIDEX has vast experience in research, development and innovation, which is part of our business philosophy. We invest more than 6% of our profits in the Discovery and Research new products so that we are able to exceed all expectations and position ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the postharvest sector.

We participate in European CRAFT (cooperative research action for technology) and CDTI (centre for the development of industrial technology) projects together with other companies and research centres.

Thanks to our laboratories and collaboration with research centres and universities, we are able to produce our own award-winning formulas which comply with all the needs of our clients.

TECNIDEX’s technical collaborations:


At TECNIDEX, we own international patents and utility models in Spain for most of the equipment developed on our premises.

Given our outlook on globalisation and internationalisation, we have international patents for CONTROL-TEC® ECO equipment in Costa Rica, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, South Africa and the United States and patents in Spain and extensions of European patents.

TECNIDEX goes to great lengths to invest in patents, utility models and trademark registration. We own several registered trademarks and patents throughout the world so that we can design different product lines and services.