Postharvest consultancy services and technical support

VÍA-VERDE® offers a series of integral postharvest solutions and consultancy services, developed by the four main TECNIDEX laboratories: Agro-Biological, Agro-Chemical, Agro-Industrial and Agro-Innovation. In collaboration with the Agro-Regulatory, Agro-Environment and Agro-Electromechanical areas, these laboratories strive to guarantee Food Safety, protecting the fruit from its source until it reaches its destination to be consumed with the best organoleptic properties in any part of the world.

VÍA-VERDE® expertise offers our clients bespoke solutions and allows us to adapt to the requirements of any destination market.

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VÍA VERDE® offers the following Consultancy and Technical Support services:

1. Consultancy and auditing services:
Highly qualified specialists who offer the best postharvest solutions.

At TECNIDEX, our staff specialise in all matters related to postharvest for any type of fruit and vegetables, for all manner of crops and conditions. Through our technical team, we offer the best solutions to ensure that your fruit arrives in perfect condition for its destination market. We always take into consideration each market’s laws and requirements.

2. Analysis and testing services:
ur laboratory has been officially accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture to conduct Officially Recognised Efficacy Trials (EOR Certification).

Our Agro-Biological and Agro-Chemical laboratories boast the most advanced technologies on the market. This certification and our specialist team allows us to create value for our clients.

  • Treatment slurry waste water analysis
  • Fruit residue analysis
  • Surface and environment contamination analysis
  • Fungal pathogen resistance analysis
  • Efficacy trials against main pathogens present during postharvest
  • New product testing

3. Disinfection services:
Storage rooms, environment, surface disinfection.

With our registered technologies and products, we disinfect different areas in accordance with your needs:

  • Storage rooms
  • Degreening rooms
  • Fruit and vegetable collection and processing station surfaces
  • Fruit and vegetable collection and processing station environments

By disinfecting your premises, we reduce the pathogen level to a minimum (bacteria, fungus, etc.), which could cause problems in the marketing process. We therefore prevent losses and guarantee the quality and health of your fruit and vegetables.

4. Maintenance service:
Preventative maintenance programmes for machines and rooms.

TECNIDEX electromechanical specialists regularly service all of the elements that make up our dosage, reuse and water treatment machines and rooms with the objective of ensuring optimal performance at all times. We therefore obtain high productivity and homogeneity in postharvest processes at the fruit and vegetable processing systems throughout the season.

5. Fine tuning and Calibration service:
Calibration certificates for gas and machine analysers and machinery. Pre-season fine tuning services.

At TECNIDEX, we use the latest technology, which lets us calibrate temperature and humidity sensors to perfection. This means that your process is 100% reliable and complies with the requirements set by certifying companies and your own clients. We also finetune all our equipment before the beginning of each season.

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